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    Database Design

    Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQL Server Database Developers; Custom Web Design, Wordpress Web Developers; Domain Registration, Email and Web Hosting.

    Custom Database Development
  • We can rebuild your Database with

    Database Development

    We will refresh your database with a completely new database design, bringing it up to date to cover changing business needs.

    Data Migration from Excel
  • Web Design and Hosting

    Web Design

    The Database Bureau can build custom or Wordpress responsive web sites, utilising MySQL or SQL Server to store and broadcast data which we can host ourselves.

    Web Hosting with Web Design and Data
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About Us

Our skills, approach and management

Typically, we will discuss requirements with you and produce a project document. Usually, there will need to be data migration from other sources (such as Excel, text and CSVs) which we will convert into data tables: you may even have an existing database that requires a complete overhaul. The data might be stored locally or in the cloud on a MySQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server. We would then build a “front end” you can use to access this data via data entry forms, and reports you can print...
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Endorsements from National Historic Ships
Paula Palmer, Office and Web Manager, National Historic Ships

... (The Database Bureau) has worked with us over the last 6 months to design, install and maintain our database, including the migration of historic information. They took time with key people in order to understand our requirements, giving advice where they felt necessary, and explained the development in terminology we could understand... Endorsements from National Historic Ships
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National Historic Ships