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Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF)

TUFF has, over the last 25 years, built a reputation based on providing a platform for its members where they can, as a membership body, identify and address those issues facing the telecom industry in tackling fraud and crime. TUFF works closely with a number of agencies and has been instrumental in developing best practice inareas related to fighting fraud. In 2007 TUFF became 1 of 6 organizations to be included as a Specified Anti-Fraud Organisation under the terms of the Serious Crime Act 2007.

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The Peckham Society

The Peckham Society The Peckham Society is the society for historic Peckham, London SE15.  The Society exists to encourage interest in and to care for the environment and history of Peckham and the surrounding area. They hold frequent meetings and arrange guided tours and walks of interesting parts of the area, sometimes linked with an illustrated talk. Committee members also attend planning and conservation meetings in order that the Society can play its full part in determining local issues.  The society was affiliated to The Civic Trust whilst it existed.

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Worldwide Sound Brokers

Bob Kelly of Worldwide Sound Brokers has over 45 years experience in the professional Live sound touring equipment industry. He has also helped to launch many loudspeaker brands in the past as a market development specialist for companies such as Martin Audio – EAW – D&B Audiotechnik and L-Acoustics. Bob’s many international contacts with manufacturers, distributors and rental companies allow him first hand information with regards to buying and selling loudspeaker systems and mixing consoles worldwide.

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London Jazz Radio

The Jazz London Radio comes out of London, but with the possibility of reaching anywhere in the globe should people wish to check it out. And whilst being a jazz station, having the freedom to play different musical styles and genres such as a Rock and Blues show or World Music special. With daily playlists mixing all of this music together under the great jazz umbrella, some of the music played here may not be jazz, but it will be in the jazz spirit of creativity and freedom, whether that be Indie or Electronica.

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Personal Web Clients

Reem Kelani

Reem Kelani, the Palestinian singer, musicologist and broadcaster was born in England, brought up in Kuwait and now lives in London. Working in the Diaspora, Reem has introduced countless non-Arab musicians to Arabic and Palestinian music.Reem’s reputation as an artist for whom her independence is an article of faith, musically, spiritually and politically, extends across the Arab and the non Arab worlds.

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Henry Lowther

Bandleader, composer and trumpeter Henry Lowtherhas been a busy professional musician for over 50 years. He played at Woodstock in 1969 with Keef Hartley, was associated with the bands of John Dankworth, Gil Evans and George Russell and has a long history as a session player, a performer with classical ensembles including the London Philharmonic and a free improvising musician.

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Roland Perrin

Roland Perrin is a composer, pianist and educator who creates music that combines irresistible world music grooves, jazz improvisation and structures in the European symphonic tradition.His compositions range from solo piano works to full orchestral pieces. The style is wide ranging, the result of being steeped in classical music and jazz and also by having played with many artists from around the world. Roland sees his music as taking some of the best elements from different traditions: it develops and unfolds like a story, it leaves space for spontaneity and it dances.

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Chris Hodgkins

Chris Hodgkins is a UK trumpeter and was the director of Jazz Services Ltd.  The Chris Hodgkins Band made a name for itself supporting the likes of Buddy Tate, Humphrey Lyttelton, Kathy Stobart, Bud Freeman, Dick Carey, Harry South, Ronnie Ross, Billy Butterfield, Joe Temperley, Howard McGhee, Peanuts Hucko, Benny Waters and Wild Bill Davison who said “It is a hell of a good band”. The band made a number of television and radio appearances.

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