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Tailored Database Design

database bureau will build custom bespoke databases tailored to your requirementsDatabase design usually needs a combination of tools and software. Microsoft Access works fine as a standalone database for one computer or as a front end (forms, reports, code) plus back end (data) on a network. We’re increasingly designing databases which use Access as a front end but with a SQL Server or MySQL (free) database as back end. Additionally, any of these databases can be used as a back end to a web front end. We use VBA for coding, which extends across all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Custom and WordPress Web Design

Personal data driven web site, custom web design and WordPress web design and themesFor many years we designed only custom-build web sites, moving on to templated and then responsive designs. We discovered, however, that our clients increasingly wanted sites they could modify, edit, add to.  WordPress  has improved immensely over recent years, so now we are happy to recommend it to clients for its ease of use (compared to much more complex platforms such as Joomla and Drupal, which we no longer offer) and countless free plug-ins which enable events, blogs, shops, membership etc. However, we are equally happy to design a custom build for you if you need a more specialised web site.

Databases on the Web and Additional Tools

databases incorporate Excel Word Outlook into Access MySQL SQL Server with VBA programmingWe use Photoshop CS3 extensively with web design along with a number of other graphic/video/audio tools. We often need to integrate Microsoft Office applications as part of an Access project, so we are conversant with coding for Outlook VBA and Excel VBA within Access. We use ASP (Active Server Pages) for web/database projects: these enable us to design forms on web pages so that you can add and edit your database data online, as well as view and print data.

Domain Registration/Hosting

we can register domains, host web sites and email, setup certificatesWe are web resellers through which we are able to register domains, set up hosting, register email addresses, set up databases, grant certificates, set up control panels and administrate web sites. So if you want to own your own domain, we can find out which domains are available to buy, purchase them on your behalf, then set them up as you want them. They will have unlimited space and unlimited emails. We can of course additionally offer web design for these sites if required.

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