Steve French has undertaken work for Jazz Services over the past 26 years including the following: Design, implementation and management of company web sites and databases; Project management of Arts Council/National Lottery funded projects; Computer system and intranet implementation, documentation, management and support; Design of company document and financial templates, data driven design for reference books and national magazines; Form design and statistical data analysis of questionnaires, UK jazz performances, web pages and company mail; Power Point presentations for company clients.He has used a combination of products such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Design Suite, especially Excel, Word, Power Point, Photoshop and InDesign, using programming languages such as Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL. He has specialised in database products such as Access, SQL Server and MySQL.Steve designed the first Jazz Site for the company in 1995 that won a number of prestigious awards including the Parliamentary Jazz Awards. Steve has since gone onto play an important part of supporting Jazz Services IT plan. Jazz Services will be working with Steve on a number of projects that will benefit musicians.
Chris Hodgkins, Director
Jazz Services Limited

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