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National Organisations

National Historic Ships

National Historic Ships is a government funded, independent organisation which gives objective advice to UK governments and local authorities, funding bodies, and the historic ships sector on all matters relating to historic vessels in the UK. We completely redesigned their Access database and moved it into MySQL for use with an Access front end for users to access a complex set of reports as well as to drive their web content.

Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International

CABI is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. Their approach involves putting information, skills and tools into people’s hands. CABI’s 48 member countries guide and influence their work which is delivered by scientific staff based in their global network of centres. We designed an Access database for CABI which managed their marketing materials, conference timetables and event contacts for 40+ users using an Access back end database.

TUFF, MICAF, London Fraud Forum

The Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum handles information exchange and promotion of a united effort against telecommunications fraud; the Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum, set up by the United Kingdom mobile telecommunications industry and mobile handset manufacturers to address the issues of mobile phone theft; the London Fraud Forumpromotes fraud awareness and prevention strategies in the public and private sectors. We supplied CMS databases for their members using Joomla, which we made available on web sites we design and maintain.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species provide direct support for conservationists to involving the public and volunteers in practical action to help specific species and habitats. We designed a database for the applications they get for projects, working alongside design company Fat Beehive. We designed for a SQL Server back end database, and designed a front end database in Access with forms and reports.

Metropolitan Lodge

Metropolitan Lodge is a secular society open to men of any race, religion, political belief and status. Freemasons’ Lodges have been meeting in London since the early 1700s. The formation of Metropolitan Grand Lodge (MetGL) on 1 October 2003, as an independent administrative body under a Metropolitan Grand Master. We designed an Access database taking data from an Adelphi data store to manage Lodge members and various events which they hold at their London office.

Child Concern Consortium

Child Concern Consortium is a group of children’s charities raising funds together since 1994. Each of their member charities works in a different way to help vulnerable children, offering years of experience and expertise and touching the lives of many thousands of children each year. We designed a database which I currently support to import donations and administrate/report on Gift Aid.

Regional Organisations

London Community Recycling Network

We have designed databases for recycling projects in Greater London which began with a design for The London Community Recycling Network, and then to projects in Croydon, Kennington and North London. These covered the management of furniture projects where the database documented and tracked the collection of items from donors and the purchase of items from the warehouse, as well as the disposal of items.

Restore Community Projects

Most recently, We designed a new recycling database for Restore in Tottenham which additonally covers Gift Aid management and reporting as well as tracking the repair and resale of white goods.

Other Regional

We recently designed a loan management database for Access/MySQL for RAS Capital(London West End), a quoting/works/invoicing Access database for Damp2Dry Building Solutions Ltd (Barnsley) and a client/event management database for Romantic Weddings on Lake Garda (Italy).

All our other clients are too numerous to mention, but here are a few: Londonwide LMCs (City), George Spencer Designs (Chelsea), Tower Hamlets Community Development Agency (Brick Lane), Pilotlight (City), Derman (Hackney and Harlesden), Wallace Cititraining (Covent Garden), Pat Delbridge Associates (Covent Garden), Pi Capital (City), Bucks University College (High Wycombe), London Borough of Southwark (Camberwell).

Community Care

Action For Carers (Surrey)

Action for Carers (AfC) is led by carers, run by an executive committee of carers and supported by professionals from Health, Social Services and the voluntary sector. We have built databases covering Young Carers (under 18s who look after parents and/or siblings), Moving and Handling (information, advice, training and support for carers who undertake moving and handling) and Learning and Work (support, information, advocacy for carers across Surrey for employment, training and learning opps). The company has recently grown hugely resulting in our design of a new Carer Support database with 40+ users using a SQL Server back end and Access front end. We have also gone through the complex and detailed process of making sure the company conforms to GDPR by building in a new consent system which will gradually replace the old one.

White Lodge Centre

White Lodge Centre supports disabled children, young people and adults, their families and carers in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas. They specialise in care for those with a diverse range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and other similar conditions. They are recognised as a centre of excellence where all the services they offer consistently attain the highest possible standards. We designed a SQL Server database with an Access front end for managing client data in their Moving and Handling department, including internet-connected laptops on the road.

Southend Carers

Southend Carers is an Essex-based organisation run by staff and volunteers. They assist carers of all ages, and put them in touch with a variety of agencies, offering counselling benefits and advocacy. The new networked Access database has transformed the way the company works with their clients.

Onside (Worcestershire)

Onside is a charity established in 1993 stemming from a belief that everyone has the right to be a valued human being and to be treated in a just and fair manner. We designed a database to handle client administration, casework for their advocacy clients, appropriate adult and projects covering mental health and community mentoring. The database tracks their casework timetable and documentation.

Race Equality (UK)

For many years we developed databases for Race Equality organisations in Ealing, Northamptonshire, Manchester, Charnwood and Watford dealing with racial harassment and immigration casework, with demographic reporting for funders and local authorities. We also held computer software training session with REC staff at these and other locations including Newham, Trowbridge, East Staffs, Derby, Kingston, North Staffs, Southwark, Reading, Warwick, Waltham Forest, Penge and High Wycombe.

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